Waiting for the Right Moment with Andre Ingram

Meet the two-game wonder with a drive like no other.

This is Andre Ingram, the two-game Laker wonder that shook the entire league.

He played 10 long years in the NBA’s developmental league and now he’s living the Los Angeles Laker Dream. For Andre Ingram, all that time spent waiting to be called was well worth it.

When the Los Angeles Lakers called the 32-year-old guard to make his pro debut in a game against the Houston Rockets, Ingram showed up ready. Despite signing with the team for their final two games; the rookie, who had just tallied his 384th match in the G-League, wowed the crowd with an off-the-bench 19-point performance.

In several reports, Ingram shared that it had only taken him two days to double his annual salary in the minor league. In fact, the newest addition to the Lakeshow stated that his low income had forced him to work as a math tutor for kids alongside his hoop career.

“You do not make lot of money in the minor league system, playing crazy schedules, in small towns, constantly waiting for others to think you are good enough. That can get mentally tough,” Ingram told BBC Sports.

But that didn’t stop the man’s heart from chasing his pro-ball dreams: Day-in and day-out Ingram practiced, and worked, and grinded – hoping that one day, his talent would be recognized. And when the world saw what he could do, it was almost an unreal feeling, “I just felt some electricity out there. It was amazing. The crowd, the lights — it was once in a lifetime.”

All told, Ingram played two games this season, with his second being against the Clippers, where he racked up a steady five points and six assists.

Ingram’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in chasing one’s dreams. Ultimately, it reminds every single one of us that if you’re passionate enough to work for it, then anything is possible.

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