Welcoming Mo Bamba

As we close in on this year’s NBA Draft, PlayPH takes a closer look at arguably the best player in the class.

At 20 years old, Mo Bamba shows the skill similarities of some of the NBA’s elite superstars.

Have you heard about Mo Bamba?


When PlayPH sat down to watch tapes of this year’s NBA Draft prospects, it was the 7-foot giant from the University of Texas that caught our eye. And as we rapidly near into June 21st, we welcome basketball fans to be amazed by Mo Bamba – arguably the biggest name to enter this year’s draft class.


Nobody really saw it coming. A skinny, lanky, and young 20-year old making waves in Austin, Texas. Inch by inch, Bamba developed a game suited to his build, making himself the Longhorn’s main defensive man. But his wrath doesn’t end there. Offensively, it would seem as if his strengths are on full display once he enters the paint. His emphatic dunks, vicious put-back jams, and easy lay-ins are the main reasons for Texas’ success.


But in theory, and with the amount of time he’s put in prior to the draft, Bamba’s potential to spread the floor once he enters the pro league is endless. The NBA is living in a Joel Embiid-esque era, and Bamba’s entrance couldn’t have a better timing. It’s his versatility that shines the most – and most likely than not, it’s the same thing that will cause all sorts of defensive mayhem in the years to come.


Eventually, his skills are bound to take him behind the arc. And that’s a scary, scary thing for a guy his size. In a league that continues to revolutionize its big men, Bamba, who isn’t even a professional yet, is moving at an incredible rate.


Mo Bamba hitting threes? Yikes.


It’s unclear where he’s headed but rumor has it that the Dallas Mavericks have begun making their move to acquire Bamba. In the likelihood that it happens, a duo starring the highflying Dennis Smith Jr. and Mo Bamba could very well rehabilitate a descending franchise. It’s about time the Mavs climb back to their winning form, and Bamba’s presence could be key.


He also could be going to Orlando. According to a mock draft consensus by the NBA, Bamba’s name showed up countless times when it was the Magic’s turn to pick. It’s an okay destination, perhaps. As the trend shows, it’s teams in the rebuilding phase that are in the pursuit for the talented center. Could the Magic be planning to place him at the center of the team? The answer is a probable yes.


No matter where he ends up, there’s no doubting the size of impact he’s going to have on the modern NBA league. His talents fit right in. In the meantime, all there’s left to do is wait. Because if there’s one thing basketball fans have learned in the days leading up to the draft, it’s that Bamba can truly ball.

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