What’s Happening With Steph Curry?

Has Steph Curry’s spotlight dimmed in the shadow of Kevin Durant?

At one point, Steph Curry was positioned to be the third best point guard in the league. Now, in 2017, what seemed like a fairy tale career for the former two-time MVP has all of a sudden come to a slump. Well, at least when it comes to the high standards of his fans.

So where is he now?

Last year, the entire basketball community saw Curry spearhead his team to what is currently the best regular season record at 73-9. His love affair with the three-point line only made things better for the Warriors, sinking in 402 triples. Again, 400 and 2.

This year tells a very different story for the NBA’s very first unanimous MVP doing this year? With Kevin Durant on the roster, it would seem that Steph is no longer the talk of the town these days. Should Warriors fans be worried? Well there’s no reason to be since they’re only the top seeded team in the west (31-5). However, his on-court performance leaves me with some thoughts.

It’s a sad sight to see Curry barely putting up the numbers that he used to, and it’s arguable that this could be due to KD’s effect on the team. These days, fans are looking at a more contained point guard in Steph Curry. While he can still be seen occasionally exploding for his signature offensive displays, his overall style of play has become noticeably more controlled. But it isn’t purely bad news, as everybody’s favorite guard continues to score above 20 points per game, and there’s really nothing to complain about in KD taking most of the offensive responsibility.

A question that bears answering now is whether Curry’s reduced status is deliberate, the result of a lack of chemistry, or – most troubling of all – a competition to see who stays on top of the stat sheet. At any rate, the league has no shortage of teams built around two-to-three superstars failing early on.

Or maybe Steph is just a smarter player now. At 28 years old, he’s probably become a more mature point guard. He’s probably willing to sacrifice a chunk of his numbers as the Warriors are roughly close to the postseason, becoming a better team player that way.

Maybe we just got too used to being spoiled by Steph, as the two-time MVP, did spend the last two years conditioning fans to expect great things – it’s easy to expect something from a player who drains more three’s than shots at the charity line. These days, however, with two other guards in the west racking up triple-doubles, Curry’s best move may be to focus on securing wins to keep the Warriors on top of the Pacific Division.

Golden State’s marksman may no longer be the phenom he once was, but he remains a solid contributor to the team. On top of that, it’s a safe bet that he’ll win the public’s All-Star votes , despite his down year. With the All-Star weekend fast approaching, and fans continuing to follow his play, it will be interesting to see what adjustments (if any) he’ll be making. Will he continue to be more of a court facilitator? Or is Steph going to erupt on his scoring?

With the Warriors favored to enter the latter parts of the playoffs, fans are waiting to see if their hero will regain his leadership role to regain this year’s championship.


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