When His Time Comes

Foreseeing a kid’s bright future at the Alaska Football Cup.

At just three years old, Nathan Olimilla is witnessing the beauty of football through the Alaska Football Cup and his family.


3,710 football players stormed the Ayala Alabang Country Club last weekend to participate at the 23rd Alaska Football Cup (AFC). All of them – with the hopes of being exposed to high-level competition, learn the values brought by football, and gain good knowledge about nutrition.


And while an event as big as the AFC may spawn many stories, there’s one that caught PlayPH’s eye – it came in the form of a three-year-old boy in an oversized football kit, struggling to keep his tiny football from crossing the pitch sidelines as he cheered for his kuya.


Meet Nathan Olmilla.


Quiet in the sidelines, Nathan closely watches his older brother play.



 PlayPH spoke to Nathan’s mother, Lovecelle, to ask more about her youngest son. According to her, little Nathan has begun to pick up a lot of the movements you see on football. A lot of this has to do with watching his older brother Ethan play, “My little one – since we don’t have a house help, I always bring him along to the games. That’s why he’s exposed to a lot of football.”


Nathan finds comfort on the field. Here he is making friends with other bystanders.


Without a doubt, Nathan’s love for the beautiful game is there even at the young age of three. “He’s always excited to watch his kuya play in tournaments. Nathan wears Ethan’s jersey and complete football attire from head-to-toe each time!” Lovecelle shares.



 Lovecelle is firm when she says that football bonds their family together. In their hometown in Davao, she says that the entire family comes to support monthly friendly tournaments with Ethan at the forefront of the action.


“Football brings our family together.”


The recent AFC was no different. Like every other tourney, Lovecelle, her husband, and little Nathan didn’t fret under the hot sun. All that mattered to them was that Ethan knew his family had his back on the pitch.



 Lovecelle says that Nathan’s football future is slated to go for the AFC. As early as now, she and her husband are taking the extra steps in supporting the young boy’s goals, “His nutrition is very important to us. As a hands-on mom, I take into account his healthy living and diet to improve his talent.”


His time will come.


When Nathan’s time comes, his mother is sure of the positive lessons he’ll takeaway from the cup. “Sa Alaska [Football Cup], kids definitely learn a lot, especially good sportsmanship. I’m not after trophies, medals, or the win. I want Nathan to learn to be more disciplined, more grounded, and to become a better person each day,” she concludes.


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