Why Milk?

Through the eyes of a child, Alaska Milk Day celebrated the power of a glass of milk

Alaska World Milk Day brought people together in celebration and active play like nothing else.

For many of us, our earliest memories of milk are from our childhoods, from a time when we didn’t even know how nutritious it was. In an age of innocence, what we knew of the world was what we were shown, through the lens of our parents, who always wanted the best for us in life.

This episode of Passion at Play will tap into the undiluted wonder of discovery as experienced by a child who is learning about the importance of milk through the sights and sounds of the Alaska Milk Day celebration.

Attending with his family from the early morning run to the Zumba, Milk Toast, and assorted games, we will see – for the first time – World Milk Day through the eyes of a child. Using the activity-filled event as canvas, the episode reveals the values and importance that come with every delicious glass of milk, while showing how it can also bring people together in the spirit of community and active play.

After all, as our narrator learns over the course of the video, that’s the power of a glass of milk.


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