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The digital age is redefining the sports experience, bringing the fans closer to the action and closer to their heroes.

Cover Image: Smartphones can give football fans access to a closer and in-depth game experience. (goodspeed.io)

The internet has given fans from all walks of life access to the biggest sports hub in the world, granting them direct access to player movements, play-by-play analyses, opinion pieces, and more. With new content going live every minute of every day, the passion that inspires fans shows no sign of stopping. Indeed, instead of dividing them, multi-screen culture has actually served to bring them closer and, as technology continues to grow, the possibilities of an even better experience are well within reach.

The digital revolution has contributed greatly to sports with football as the perfect example. In a live football game, some of the best songs are sung by the most passionate fans in the world. Songs that have neither pre-arranged lyrics nor melody. Songs that are made only in the moment when the unfolding drama is at its peak. These songs are the ones that fill the whole stadium and are echoed for all of time – these are the songs of the fans.

Billions-and-counting of football fans are known to go above and beyond to pay tribute to their heroes and the sport they love. They do not just cheer for every goal, they celebrate them. The experience of watching a live football game is unparalleled, and it’s all thanks to the fans.


The digital age makes it easier to capture and share the live game experience with a few clicks. (dailymail.co.uk)

Today, sports fans aren’t just at the stadiums or following along on television, they’re online, and the numbers don’t lie: With an estimated 3.5 billion fans all over the world, football is the most followed sport in the world. They have taken on the role formerly ascribed to sportscasters, articulating play and every emotion to the world through a seemingly never-ending stream of tweets, shares, posts, likes and favorites. Before, during, and after the game; through social media, websites, blogs, and fan sites, the conversations, debates, and speculations fly.

There’s never been a better time to be a fan, and that is something definitely worth singing about.

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