You Go, Yogi!

In a time where everything is fast-paced, a moment to slow down is a perfect way to relax.

Yoga is all about observing your own self, without feeling insecure about anything.

As the metro grows busier, more hectic, and faster-paced, more people have been itching for the perfect way to slow down and relax. That’s where yoga comes in. With the perfect mix of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, the art of yoga plays as the perfect stress reliever for anyone.

PlayPH sat down with Rianna Gatus, a yoga instructor with eight years’ experience, and managing partner for the renowned Beyond Yoga studios to give her insights on why yoga continues to attract people.

As a full time instructor, Rianna Gatus has made it her goal to introduce yoga
to a wider audience.

According to the longtime yogi, the art is a good alternative for anyone wanting to achieve a more active lifestyle, “It (yoga) is a great strength-building, core-conditioning form of calisthenics. You’re going to improve your flexibility, of course lose a lot of weight

While the art that allows the body stretch out into graceful poses, it’s the mental and emotional aspect that keeps yogis returning. “Yoga will show you how to tone down the need to be too aggressive and forceful,” says Gatus. “It will make you step back from pushing yourself too hard while getting the same benefits as you would in a gym. It teaches you to be okay with where your body is without feeling insecure about anything.”

Like many yoga practitioners, Gatus’ outlet before her life on the mat was found in other activities, “I was really into the gym before working on all the machines and equipment. I was even in the pep squad when I was younger, as well as a figure skater.” On top of that, her former day job in the media industry demanded most of her time. All that stress and pressure on her led Gatus to her first class on the mat, and the rest was history.

“Eventually, the practice will speak for itself. I really am an advocate of not overselling yoga to newcomers rather I just like encouraging them to try it out,” says the veteran instructor. As a teacher, she says that you have to lead by example, “…sometimes my students will notice that hardly anything fazes me or I’m not stressed out even if my life could be so tangled.”

At the end of the day, the yoga community together with its art and people is more than inviting. “Yoga is the one thing you can look forward to that won’t give you an ounce of stress. It will never ask for more than what you can give,” Gatus concludes.

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